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So close with "Gman's madness"

2008-12-27 07:40:10 by EmptyName

It's so close and here do you have a picture of it!
And don't worry,Im have worked on it long and it is not good and not bad
So I Don't know what i say.....But the animation of Gman is a madness guy some only are staying and shooting guy's-...well enjoy my screenshot of when im making "Gman's Madness"
and it's more frames behind...

So close with "Gman's madness"


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2008-12-27 15:19:33

you dude! wat program is that pic ov? o and im trying 2 save GMAN'S MADNESS HALF thnx

(Updated ) EmptyName responds:

It's Flash can download flash here --> /Macromedia_Flash.htm <----copy and paste!